Collin County Patriots

We Stand For...

  • Limited Government
  • Fiscal Responsibility
  • Personal Responsibility
  • Rule of Law
  • National Sovereignty


Time:  7:00 - 8:30 pm,
Meeting Location:
            Styx Ice House
            301 Eldorado Parkway, #100   
            East McKinney, TX


Our Next Meeting:

Tuesday, April 11 at 7 pm  (note new location above)

Speaker: Rafael Cruz

Also:         State Rep Frederick Frazier with an update from Austin 

Rafael Cruz is a powerful example of the American Dream. He suffered under a dictatorship in Cuba, somehow got to the U.S., got a job as a dishwasher, worked his way through the University of Texas, and built a small business.

His son, Senator Ted Cruz, is a constitutional conservative from Texas and a former U.S. presidential candidate.

When Ted was a child growing up in Houston, Rafael would tell him, “When we faced oppression in Cuba, I had a place to flee to. If we lose our freedom here, where do we go”?

This is why Reverend Cruz is passionate about returning America to the Biblical and historical foundations that made this country exceptional.


Following the Texas Legislature?

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Here are a few very short videos that help you get started with the Texas Legislature Online website:

1.  Set up a Texas Legislature Online account with email and password
2.  Finding Contact Information for the TX Legislators and their Committees
3.  Setting up Bill Lists and Alerts
4.  Bills your Legislator Authored and Legislative Statistics
5.  How to Perform a Simple Text Search for Bills in the TX Legislature
6.  How to Effectively Testify in House/Senate Committees
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